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4 to a room

On August 14th, when we moved into this apartment, we put all four kids in one room.

The sleeping arrangement is as follows: Schäfer – top bunk Sianna and Selah – bottom bunk Senna – crib

(Eventually, Schäfer will have his own room, but at present, our butcher block counter-tops are drying in his

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What a little sleep can do

Senna slept from 3am – 7am.


(I know I should have woke her, but Mommy needed the sleep.)

Then, Sianna and Selah stayed in their beds during naptime and actually slept.

Senna and Mommy grabbed a one hour nap too.

That early morning + afternoon sleep made all the difference in my day… and

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Monday 04.08

Today was good, but tiring.

Senna is three days old.

The kids are back to their normal routine. Schäfer and Sianna are back in Chinese school. Selah went on a playdate.

That left me at home with Senna to nurse, nurse, nurse. I seriously forgot how much work is involved in the early days of

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Day 3 with Senna

This morning Hubs, Abigail, Selah and Schafer went to attain the birth certificate. As suggested on day 1 by the local women’s and children’s hospital, they went to our local district “Family Planning” office.

Family Planning office said, “No, we can’t give you a birth certificate here. You need to get that at the hospital.”

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Senna’s second day of life

David took all the kids to jump zone.

While senna napped, I tackled the house.

Germaine was in town and stopped by.

Sianna and Selah went down for naps.

Senna sort of joined them.

Shorel took Schäfer to a soccer game. Dali vs. Xiamen. Dali won.

Jenni came at 3pm to play with girls.


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