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Thank you G Family!

Thank you G famiy for the unexpected hand-me-downs! This sweater came just in time for Selah’s spring wardrobe. I think grey is one of Selah’s best colors and the jacket has some sparkle in it too (can’t tell by the photo).

All of the dresses you passed on were so beautiful!

Sianna or

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Thank you Payne Family!

About a year ago the Payne family surprised us with the sweetest care package. I regret that I am just now getting a little “thank you” together.

Thank you for the Thomas DVD! (2.10.2012)

We enjoyed your colorful Christmas card.

The kids have not stopped reading the books you sent.


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Thank you O Family!

The O family went completely out of their way to send some hand-me-downs to us. We are always so thankful for any new-to-us clothes and shoes.

They sent…

clothes for the girls…

clothes in case we have a boy…

and some items that Selah thinks are hers.

Thank you O family! We

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Thank you Aunt Joy & Uncle Dennis

A most unexpected package came in the mail. My dear Uncle and Aunt sent the kids coloring books, new markers and crayons. I didn’t even know they had our address!

Thank you Uncle Dennis and Aunt Joy. You have certainly surprised us!

Thank you Sister

My sister always finds the best deals and sends exactly what we need… even if we didn’t know we needed it.

(We received this care package in May, but I’m just now getting the photos together.)

Thank you for Selah’s new sippy cup.

And the matching Tinkerbell hat and gloves you sent

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Thank You Sherry!

We received Sherry’s care package around 6.14.2012. Thank you so much for the chocolates. They were AMAZING.

Her package contained all the spices we were out of. I can not even express how important this is. It’s not like I can just run to the store and grab some celery seed or nutmeg. Thank

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