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Xin Hu Sports Competition


On Sunday, Schäfer’s preschool had a sports competition.

Schäfer led his class in the opening ceremony. All the students in the 3-year-preschool classes wore red.

It was an honor for Schäfer to be selected as the class leader for the day.

Schäfer did his best to stand in line while

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Tolkien Weekend: Born of Hope & Isildur

It’s the weekend! In celebration of the upcoming “Hobbit” movies (filming starts in February 2011), being directed by Peter Jackson, how about a break from all things China? Be warned. I’m about to get all Middle Earth on you. If you don’t know it already, I am a fan of J.R. Tolkien – the author

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First Day of Preschool 2010


We arrived home on Saturday morning.

On Sunday, everyone got some much needed rest.

On Monday, Schäfer started Xiao Ban (three year preschool) at Xin Hu. Since we had last talked to the kindergarten in July, I asked Hubs if we should take a day to go over to the school, meet his teachers,

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Forever Family Day Video

Here’s a video of the first moments we met Sianna. Watching this back was so interesting because I didn’t know:

1. The hotel lobby was noisy. I heard nothing.

2. The director was asking questions about us. I heard nothing.

3. There were four babies in the lobby. One of them was crying. I heard

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New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Here’s a video that Hubs took on midnight Chinese New Year’s Eve. Please note that these fireworks were shot off by families. Unlike most large U.S. firework celebrations, this was not financed by the city in any way. After watching a video like this, you can understand why China is the birthplace of gunpowder!

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Snowy Day

It started snowing at 11am when I picked Schäfer up from preschool. We played outside for a little while, but Schäfer was pretty upset that he couldn’t build a snowman. We promised that if the snow stuck then we would go outside to play after nap time. Little did we know…

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