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December Daily :: 31 :: so long 2009

At 9am Schäfer’s school hosted an End of the Year Carnival. After his morning exercises, he was super excited about playing games with Mommy and Papa.

The first game we played was “find your child”. They covered the kids in sheets, moved them around, then allowed the parents to turn around and find

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A Tale of Two Travels


I went to bed at 1:30am. Seriously, there was just that much to be done before Schäfer and I began a day of traveling.

All too soon, I woke up at 5:30am to finish the last minute packing and cleaning. When I woke Schäfer at 6am, he was delighted – simply delighted – to

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Happy Birthday Yu Jie Jie!

Today is Yu Jie Jie’s 3rd birthday, but her party was canceled because of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Here’s a video of Schäfer and Yu sitting by the Lotus Pond singing songs from preschool.

Untitled from on Vimeo.


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San Xia Ren Jia 三峡人家

At 7:30am on Saturday morning, we headed to the boat docks with friends in search of adventure.

Before we even got to the boat, Schäfer was already having a great time!

This boat was taking many a passenger up the Yangtze to several tourist spots.

Of course, we can’t be around this

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The Crab Dance Competition


At the first parent/teacher conference, Teacher Liu mentioned that there would be a “competition” in October. Last week, Teacher Liu asked me to dress Schäfer in an orange shirt and blue jeans on the 29th. OK!

I went home and checked out his clothes to find 2 orange shirts and 2 blue jeans options.

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Happy 60th National Day

We celebrated China’s 60th birthday by wearing the t-shirts we bought when the Olympic flame came through Yichang. The front says “Go China!” and the back says, “I love China.”

Schäfer wore his “Made in China” t-shirt which our local friends love.

Since the weather was almost cool (read: in the low

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