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10th Annual Tourism Parade 2009


We’re big fans of the Yichang Tourism Parade. We love the bands, the unique costumes and the puffy Yangtze Sturgeon walking down the street reminding us to celebrate the fact that we live so close to the Three Gorges. Lucky us!

In the midst of my parade excitement, I asked Hubs if we

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Ocean Park Hong Kong


Once again, we started the day with our traditional Hong Kong breakfast: Quaker Squares. Cereal is expensive in Yichang (Isn’t it expensive everywhere?) and we definitely can’t get Quaker Squares.

This morning, I noticed the box had an interesting comment in the blue circle “Made in U.S.A. for International Sales Only”. So there

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Hong Kong and all of its amenities


This morning I woke up to find Schäfer reading a book with his Mouse ears on. Squeak. Squeak. Today was back to medical, but knowing us, I’m sure we’ll squeeze some fun in between.

First stop, a visit with our pediatrician. Dr. Chan has been our pediatrician since Schäfer was born. Meaning,

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Disneyland Hong Kong


This morning I woke up and felt a marker in this passage through parenthood. Today, we were taking our child to Disneyland.

Hubs told Schäfer we were going to Disneyland before breakfast. Schäfer was pretty excited once he understood that Disneyland is where Mickey Mouse lives. Right now, Schäfer doesn’t know the Disney stories,

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French, Spanish or Chinese?

NBC News reports on Chinese being taught as a foreign language in a rural Oklahoma high school.

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Total Eclipse

It’s not very often that 9:20am looks like this.

Then again, it’s not very often that one has a total solar eclipse pass directly over them.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

Today, I one woke up, had a quick breakfast, grabbed three cameras and headed to the

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