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Qing Dynasty Farmhouses


The day started with just a normal bike ride into the countryside.

Rice being grown.

Canola Harvest from on Vimeo. Canola being harvested.

On the country road we were traveling along, we came across these Qing dynasty farm houses. This is definatley the real deal. Not a replica. Back in

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Wuhan Quick Trip: Saturday

On Saturday, we found ourselves back in the pool.

Hubs tried to teach Schäfer how to use his arms when he swam.

Swimming from on Vimeo.

29 wonderful months.

Once back at the hotel, Schäfer found some “garages” to park his cars in. Oh, and if

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On Friday evening, we headed to Rong Rong’s house. I’m not sure that watching Thomas the Train in Chinese is all that productive with words like Sodor Suspension Bridge, freight cars, the Shed, diesels, steamies, coaling stop, etc. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, the men hunted, spotted and bagged a James the Red Engine on

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The Adventures of Hubs Part 2

One Saturday I woke up…lo and behold it wasn’t raining. Bike ride!

This particular Saturday the bike club took off to WenFoShan. At the bottom of the mountain, the club leader signaled for us to have an impromptu race to the top. Ready, set, go!

I made it to the top in 23 minutes –

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Wang’s Hip Hop Wedding

It’s Spring. It’s Saturday. It’s time for another wedding!

We met this family 4 years ago just as soon as we stepped off the plane…because they’re our landlords! And we couldn’t ask for any finer people to rent from.

In Chinese culture, if something breaks the renter is responsible to fix it, but this

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The Great Wall – JinShanLin to SiMaTai

For almost a year, we’ve been wanting to hike JinShanLing to SiMaTai. We decided to take an extra day in Beijing and go for it. Since we had a 9pm train to catch, we rented a car. It takes 2.5 hours to get to JinShanLing from Beijing.

To do public transport go to the bus

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