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Dairy Adventures Continue: Buttermilk

When we first moved to JiuJiang, Hubs met Farmer Hu while on a bike ride. Farmer Hu lived out in the countryside. He had about 6 milk cows. His price on milk was excellent (3rmb/liter), but the problem was that he had to borrow a car to deliver fresh milk to our home. Sometimes he

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Homemade Cheese Press

Making cheese is a highly stressful activity – for the cheese that is. 🙂 Depending on the type, some cheeses need to be pressed for 24 hours with 50Lbs of weight.

Previously, I placed the cheese in a large pot and delicately balanced various weights on top. The weights were a combination of water

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Strawberry Gelato

Oh the goodness that awaits.

Strawberry Yogurt Gelato by hand:

Make a batch of Greek Yogurt. Chill it until nice and cold.

In the blender, blend 1 cup of sugar until it is fine. Then add two cups strawberries (or other preferred fruit). Blend.

Mix yogurt and strawberry mixture well. Add more strawberries/sugar to

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How to Make Caerphilly Cheese

Time to make our first hard cheese, Caerphilly, a hard, white cheese that originates in the area around the town of Caerphilly in Wales. It’s a great first hard cheese that only requires 3 weeks of aging. Most other hard cheese need at least 3 months to years of aging. A long time to wait

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Milk. It does a wallet good.

So, I went to the farm again this evening to get our usual load of fresh milk. Sandra encouraged me to write up the cost of such a trip compared with buying milk in store. Here’s how I reckon:

One trip to the farm costs 140 rmb (40 for taxi round trip, 100 for

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How to Make Bag Cheese

You’ve now made mozzarella and ricotta cheese, how about a little dessert to go with your fantastic lasagna?

Bag cheese (also known as lactic cheese, farmer’s cheese, and acid-curd cheese) is a soft spreadable cheese with the same consistency of cream cheese.


1 gallon fresh milk (not UHT shelf-milk)

1 packet direct-set mesophilic starter

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